Save Your Neighborhood (WAHM)

Save Your Neighborhood and Yourself with WAHM; the (Webb Affordable Housing Model)

Never before has there been such a book which analyzes the Business of Buying, Renovating and Selling homes within markets commonly referred to by Americans as "America's HOODS." While all other real estate investment books teach you to STAY AWAY from the Hood, James T. Webb Master Builder teaches you to RUN TO THE HOOD. There are risk in each and ever real estate market, however the challenge is to learn to accept the advantages and to guard against the risks and disadvantages. Webb shows over 27 years of experience and his many secrets used as he purchased, renovated and sold close to 1000 homes in the HOOD; where his profit margins were above $30,000 per home on $65,000 sales prices. Webb turned capital up to 4 times a year producing over $120,000 gross profits for many investment of around $30,000 that he made; with (front end) purchase prices as low as $10,000; Material Cost as low as $10,000 and $10,000 for 1st Tier Labor cost. Additionally in his book Webb speaks of his 27 years of ups and downs in the business; what to look out for and how to protect yourself from those who are not aligned with your desire for financial success. Study hard and stay in TOUCH.