About us

The information on this site is specifically from Master Builder and Businessman James T. Webb who has redeveloped affordable housing and done commercial as well as high end residential estate home construction along with construction for Churches (both renovations and new construction). Having been a builder for over 27 years Webb has experienced the peaks and valleys to become an expert to lead you to the zenith of your endeavors.




At the peak of Master Builder James T Webb's redevelopment career, he rebuilt vacant and condemned homes in the heart of some of the roughest and toughest neighborhoods.  He employed some of the brightest and best first tier construction workers from these same communities.  Seeing the success in giving these hardworking men and women the opportunity to make good income for their own households in these very communities; Webb hosted along with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Memphis Tenn (Which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr chaired before his death), an Ex Felon Job Fair which was attended by over 300 ex felons and their family members to aid in them being matriculated back into their community with Jobs and Careers in Construction. Also during this time Webb partnered as well with the Shelby County Sheriff Department in an Ex Felon graffiti project, a Jobs for Guns Project where local ministers joined together with gang leaders to stop the violence and rebuild Memphis, an ex-felon give back program where ex felons donated labor on one Saturday of the month to rebuild homes for the elderly and less fortunate. All were done in Me#mphis, TN.  Webb also gave the keynote address to the group of 400 Missionary Baptist ministers organization in Memphis that year which included the "I Have a Dream Speech" which he has memorized by heart since the age of 11. That footage has been lost in this current battle for his freedom.

Video of the Webb Estate

Pastor Timberlake of Creedmore, NC as a token of his appreciation for the work Webb did for him, sent his crew to film the construction work of various works done by Master Builder James T. Webb. Within these video clips are many new construction projects including Webb's personal family residence from 1999.  This is only a small sample of the 100's of construction projects done by Webb and does not represent the renovated affordable homes which are located on this twitter account under  https://twitter.com/PardonJamesWebb