Economic Justice; America's War to Win

For the first time in America's history, since Frederick Douglass; an American citizen gives an up close and inside look at the problems within America's Criminal Justice System in real time. As he describes the impact and methods used by private businessmen as they manipulate the United States Government and "this time" how they caused the dumping of millions of dollars of mortgage debt in a 9 step plan. In this process, as they laughed behind the scenes,- they had no idea that "this time" while 47 of them emailed each other back and forth about the ensuing carnage they were creating to ultimately blame American Builder James Thomas Webb for. "This time" they chose the WRONG ONE. Like a Body Camera, Webb went back in time and spent over five years and ten thousand hours studying and learning the law and soon realized, not only had these men committed a Fraud on him but they committed a Fraud on the United States Government and the Institution of the Federal District Court. In their violations, specifically; the False Claims Act and The Sherman Anti Trust Act, Agent A. David Williams of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission stated "they Plain Lied to me". A must read for Every Real Estate Investor and every American who believes in Justice and always wondered how the BIG BOYS get away with it as they LIVE ABOVE the LAW. This time THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT!!! It is a thriller in real time. Don't miss this one!!!